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What Does Commercial Property Cleaning Include?

If you need a regular cleaning service for your facility, or a one off cleaning service following a special event or incident, you should consider your local Jenco operator. We have years of experience offering high quality cleaning services to business customers with a range of unique requirements. Jenco are fast, efficient, fully insured, and professional. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  


Commercial cleaning might have standard best practices for cleaning services to adhere to, but every business and commercial premises will have different requirements. This is why an individually tailored cleaning service is crucial. Jenco understands and facilities individual needs. 

Whether it’s the need for specific timing, discretion, specialised cleaning, or anything else, Jenco professionals will take your requirements seriously and create a cleaning service tailored to those needs. This service is especially useful for medical facilities that have specific times and cleaning restrictions that must be adhered to. 


If you operate a facility of any kind it will need to be professionally cleaner at regular intervals. Failing to do so will result in the build up of bacteria, germs, and viruses that could prove hazardous to the staff working there. Whether it is a school, and medical facility, or a commercial premises, Jenco can provide the cleaning services you need. 

We can polish clean and polish floors on a large scale, ensure that surfaces are disinfected, and the air is free from pathogens. The Jenco cleaning service will arrive at your facility as arranged and leave it hygienically cleaned. Even if you think your facility can’t be professionally cleaned, as it’s a warehouse or industrial facility, contact Jenco for a fast quote. 


The cleaning industry is always changing, as are its best practices. We now have to pay special attention to the cleanliness of surfaces and the products we use to eliminate harmful pathogens. Jenco also uses the latest technology and adheres strictly to health and safety policy. 

When you hire a Jenco cleaning service you can be confident they will deliver an industry standard service with a quality guarantee. We are fully insured and certified, so you know you are hiring a service that closely adheres to industry best practices, and is committed to a quality service. 


In some instances, a business or commercial premises may be reluctant to bring in a third party cleaning service. Some industries, such as the medical industry, the financial industry, and the IT industry, have sensitive data and information in secure places. A cleaning service could present a risk. 

At Jenco we fully understand this worry which is why we have confidentiality agreements in place from the start. Your business needs to be cleaned regularly and safely, so you need a service like Jenco, who can guarantee that any sensitive information encountered will be secure. 


As every business or facility operates at different times and on different schedules, it’s important that a cleaning service facilitates this in terms of flexible service options. The effects of a professional cleaning service should be observed in a facility, without witnessing the cleaners. 

To assist companies with organising a cleaning schedule outside of hours, Jenco offers a cleaning service at a variety of times to best suit individual needs. A facility can be cleaned daily, weekly, monthly, or at one-off intervals. The times you choose for your cleaning can also be suitably arranged. 


As well as offering a flexible schedule for cleaning services, Jenco also provides a convenient service that makes it easy for you to arrange and obtain the services you need at the right times. If you need a one off service for instance, you can conveniently access the portal on the website and input your details and description of the job. We will get back to you quickly with a quote. 


When you book a cleaning service you need to know that you are getting the highest quality of service for the money you pay. That’s why we only use fully trained and fully insured cleaning operators. Our staff not only have the cleaning skills and equipment needed to carry out a professional job, but they are also trained in security and discretion. 

A professional cleaning service should also be fully insured in case of damage, breakage, injury or illness: this is fundamentally important at Jenco. We ensure our staff are fully insured against all losses so there’s no need for any concerns when we’re operating on your premises.