Six Reasons Medical Centres Need the Right Cleaners

Cleanliness and hygiene are important everywhere, but especially in medical centres. Many people attending healthcare facilities will be suffering with illness which, without adequate cleaning, can easily be transmitted to multiple people.

When choosing a cleaning company for your Sunshine Coast medical facility, it may be tempting to base your decision on cost alone. After all, cleaning is cleaning, right? Wrong. Cleaning companies are not all equal, especially when it comes to medical centres. That’s why when choosing your next cleaning contract company, you need to make sure that you check that they meet these six requirements.

1. General cleaning is not equivalent to medical centre cleaning.

The risks and potential consequences of poor hygiene in healthcare facilities mean that cleaning standards are much higher. The Australian governmental department, the National Health and Medical Research Council sets the minimum requirements for medical centre cleaning. Not all Sunshine Coast cleaning companies know or understand these requirements. As healthcare facility cleaning specialists, at Jenco Cleaning we have years of experience of meeting these regulations.

2. Are the staff cleaning your facility properly trained in this specialist area?

Those working in medical facilities need to know not only the regulations, but the correct techniques to prevent cross-contamination and infection. This is especially important when there are outbreaks of infectious diseases. At Jenco Cleaning, all of our cleaning staff are fully trained in eliminating germs and bacteria.

3. Is there a clear cleaning schedule, that is utilised by staff for every clean they carry out?

In medical facilities, there is no room for complacency or mistakes. Every clean needs to be right. Jenco Cleaning knows that every Sunshine Coast medical centre is different. That’s why we work with each client individually to create a cleaning plan unique to your needs. Plus, our staff never leave your premises until the cleaning programme is fully completed.

4. Are they utilising the correct cleaning products?

Infection control is vital within healthcare centres, so using the right products is vital for everyone’s safety. The products that we use at Jenco Cleaning are approved for medical facility usage. They ensure effective, hygienic cleaning while being safe for use around staff and patients alike.

5. Are you confident that patient confidentiality will be protected?

Medical facilities contain a lot of sensitive and personal data. You, your staff, and your patients need to know that it’s secure. We know the importance of confidentiality at Jenco Cleaning. That’s why we sign a confidentiality agreement at the start of all contracts.

6. Are staff aware of the dangers of hazardous waste, and do they know how to protect themselves and others?

Hazardous materials are a fact of life in medical centres. Bodily fluids, soiled linen, and used syringes are just some of the hazards commonly found in Sunshine Coast healthcare settings. Staff need to know how to handle these items to prevent the risk of cross-contamination. Jenco Cleaning staff are fully trained in handling hazardous waste.

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