Image of Clean Faucet From Jenco Contract CleanersWe are the experts in medical centre cleaning and ensure that the spread of bacteria is kept to an absolute minimum.  Nowhere is hygiene more important than in a medical facility.

Medical Centre Cleaning Services

Jenco Contract Cleaners provide you with medical cleaning services that are effective, thorough and professional.

We work with you to ensure that your business accreditations are met.

We strive to make your medical facility a clean environment and a hygienic place for your patients to receive care and for your employees to work. We service medical facilities including doctor offices & a various range of medical clinics all over the Sunshine Coast.

Cross Contamination – We have colour coded cloths to stop the spread of germs and eliminate cross contamination.

Chemicals – All our chemicals are biodegradable and we use fewer chemicals which means less potential damage to the environment

Restrooms – Our highly trained staff and biodegradable cleaning products and processes work together to attack and abolish bacteria. We pay special attention to high contact areas such as towel dispensers, taps, door handles and rubbish bins so that nothing is left to chance.

Security – All Jenco Contract Cleaning staff wear a professional, labeled uniform and are easily identified when on the job.

Confidentiality – We take this subject extremely seriously and ensure that Confidentiality Agreements are signed on commencement of our services

Call us to discuss how we can customize a medical centre cleaning program for you!