Commercial property cleaning is essentially exactly how it sounds – the cleaning of a commercial property. However, it is a lot more than just a quick dust and a vacuum as cleaning your commercial property can impact on the success of your business. A first impression is extremely important and you only get one chance to make one, so when clients come into your property they expect to see somewhere professional, clean, tidy and hygenic. It’s essential to choose a commercial property cleaning company that will make sure they see a property that is spotless, impresses them and somewhere they know they are safe in.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, people are more concerned over their safety when in building and being somewhere they can see is clean will put them at ease. Not only that but the health and safety of your employees is also essential. Not all commercial property cleaning companies are the same, but it’s essential fo find one which is right for you, a company who can provide you with a custom cleaning programs to suit your requirements. Whether you need after-hours services to minimise disruption, some simple tasks of dusting, emptying bins and bathroom cleaning, or something more heavy-duty such as window cleaning, commercial carpet cleaning, find a company that offers it all and can work with your to create a clean, hygienic workplace, no matter what type of business you run.

How Do You Choose The Best Commercial Property Cleaning Sunshine Coast Company?

Once you know exactly what you’re looking for and have a check-list of services you require, then it’s time to look at the different companies. Even if the company you like doesn’t offer the service you require, give them a call anyway to find out if they can do it for you. As you start looking around at various companies, ask yourself these questions:

1. How Responsive Are They?

When working with any company for anything, responsiveness is extremely important. If a company takes too long to get back to you, they don’t give you the information you need or are unfriendly, then move on to someone else because if they’re like this now, chances are this will continue once you start doing business with them. The cleaning company you choose should have customer satisfaction at the top of their priority list.

2. How Experienced Are They?

When looking for any service, it is always best to go with an established and reputable company. Look for a company who has been around for a long time and has built up a good portfolio of clients. 

3. What Are The Online Reviews Like?

Today many people give online reviews and this is a great way to find out an honest opinion of a company. Even if there are some mixed reviews, you can usually gauge what a company is like and get the measure of them. 

4. What Kind Of Facilities Can They Manage, And What Kind Of Services Do They Offer?

When it comes to cleaning companies then you might find that a lot of them are the same. Look for somewhere that stands out, somewhere that has clients such as medical centres, office buildings, commercial and industrial premises and child care centres; places that require a high standard of cleaning. A cleaning company with experience of different facilities will not only understand the importance of hygiene and cleanliness in the workplace but they will understand your business needs too. Find out who their customers are and go and have a look at the cleanliness of the properties for yourself. As well as a company that offers services such as floor polishing and high dusting. You need to look for a company that puts customer satisfaction first. 

5. What Kind Of Equipment Do They Use?

Hiring a commercial property cleaning company over a regular cleaning service or doing it yourself is worthwhile because they usually come with specialised equipment and products. Find out what they are using, if their equipment is up to date and if their products are fully biodegradable.

6. Are They Insured?

One way to sort out who you should choose and who you shouldn’t is to have a look if the company is insured or not. It’s important to hire a legitimate and professional commercial property cleaning Sunshine Coast company and if you find one that is anything less then move on.

7. Find A Company You Can Trust

If you want your commercial property to give the right impression then Jenco Contract Cleaners can help. We are a family run business and have been providing commercial property cleaning services in Australia’s Sunshine Coast area since 1993. We know that you never get a second chance to make a great first impression and we understand the importance of a reliable, friendly and high-quality cleaning service.  

Jenco Contract Cleaners believes and acknowledges that our customer is the backbone of our business. Our service commitment to you includes much more than the best possible cleaning service, products, and value. It also includes the way we do business and in particular, the way we regard and respect our clients.

Commercial Property Cleaning

What We Offer

At Jenco Contract Cleaners, we offer a complete cleaning service, tailored to meet your individual requirements. Whether you’re a sole trader or a PTY Ltd registered company, whether it’s office space, a shop, reception areas, or bathrooms, we will work with you to create a customised contract. We use industry-standard, biodegradable cleaning products that combine environmental considerations with the most effective cleaning.

Whether you require daily, weekly, monthly, or just a one-time-only cleaning service, you can count on Jenco Contract Cleaners for a reliable, friendly and high-quality service. We don’t leave any premises until we know that our work has been completed to the highest possible standard

Work will always be carried out at times that suit your business needs, while our uniformed, experienced staff will always ensure the highest level of cleanliness. We guarantee that you will always be delighted with your clean.

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If you need a cleaning service for your business premises or commercial property, call Jenco Contract Cleaners on 0413 090 363 or complete our contact form, for a free, no-obligation quotation. We look forward to hearing from you.