Commercial Property Cleaning Services in Australia

Jenco Contract Cleaning

specializes in providing commercial property cleaning services to business owners and organizers who need to maintain a fresh and safe environment. Our team has an extensive knowledge of the best cleaning methods and techniques, and that’s why our company has built a fantastic reputation in recent times. Lots of people ask us about the differences between residential and commercial cleaning companies, and so the information below should help to set the record straight. Business clients should never contact residential cleaning firms because they are not going to achieve the best results and they could place their visitors, employees, or patients at risk.


Specialist tools and machinery


Most residential cleaners turn up to people’s homes with some essential products and a few dusters. That is because cleaning a house is straightforward, and the workers are probably not going to encounter too many surprises. When you choose a commercial cleaning firm; you benefit from people who use specialist tools and machinery. That is essential if you have hard floors that require buffing and waxing. Also, commercial cleaners will use some of the best vacuums on the market today that are designed to remove dirt and grime from some of the most unpleasant areas. Considering that, it’s always sensible to inquire before you make any bookings so that you can make sure the commercial cleaning company has everything you require.


Advanced cleaning training


People who work for residential cleaning businesses tend to apply for jobs online and then start their employment a few days later. There isn’t much training in most instances because everyone knows how to clean a house to reasonable standards. However, the same is not true when it comes to working for commercial cleaning brands. The managers of those companies have to ensure their workers know all about the most advanced cleaning techniques and sterilization methods. That is why they tend to invest heavily in professional training for their workforces. For commercial clients, that’s fantastic news because it means you can rest assured that the people you hire will complete the task to the standards you’ve come to expect.


The ability to work around the clock


A lot of residential cleaning contractors only work during the daytime because most homeowners don’t want to welcome strangers into their properties at night. If commercial cleaners followed the same path, they would create a lot of disturbance for the business owner and their staff. For that reason, commercial specialists will often work around the clock and provide their services at night when all the company’s employees go home. That makes life easier for everyone involved – including the commercial cleaning contractor. Some cleaners are willing to turn up in the early hours of the morning and ensure the office or workplace is fresh and ready for the working day by 6 am.


Additional services


In most instances, residential cleaning companies only offer one service. They will send workers to come your home and undertake any standard cleaning tasks they might encounter. That could mean scrubbing the bathroom, using a hoover, or getting the polish out. Commercial cleaners understand their clients have many different requirements, and so they’re often a little more flexible than their counterparts. Additional services commercial cleaners might offer include carpet shampooing, hard-surface floor cleaning, and more. At Jenco Contract Cleaning, our team works hard to create custom packages based on the needs of our clients. So, you just need to ask if you want something specific.


Now you know about some of the differences between residential and commercial cleaning firms; you should manage to make better decisions during the next few months. The last thing you need is for your office or workplace to become infected with germs and bacteria because that could have an adverse effect on your operation. For example, if you don’t have a sterile environment, there is a decent chance that your employees will spread infections like flu much faster than they otherwise would have done. That could result in lots of people calling in sick during some of your busiest periods.


So, don’t wait for something like that to happen, call Jenco Contract Cleaning today and let us put a plan in place that will ensure your workplace or premises always meets the highest standards for cleanliness and hygiene. Don’t make the mistake of opting for inferior companies because you need professionals you know how to get the job done. With years of experience in the industry, Jenco Contract Cleaning is the only Australian cleaning contractor you can trust.